Birchbox Review - February 2017

Monthly Birchbox Review:

February 2017 ‘Birchbox x Papier’

Hi beauty fans and welcome back to my Monthly Birchbox Review!  If you missed last month’s introduction to Birchbox and want to find out more, simply click the link below and enjoy…

Now I said in my last post that it’s pretty exciting when you check your mailbox and find your Birchbox has arrived but this monthly was super exciting when I experienced the joy of the Papier collaboration.

About Papier

 Click image go to the Papier website...

Click image go to the Papier website...

In time you’ll get to know that I’m a bit of a manic stationery obsessive.  I totally blame my Mum for this!  She was a primary school art teacher and got me right into the wonder of notebooks, journals, pretty pens and pencils etc….it’s my thing! Papier is an uber cool business founded in London in 2015.  On their website they describe their aim as “to inspire people to connect with each other in a more thoughtful way and more often”. I like their nod to a return to the traditional methods of correspondence. I’m all for the digital world but I like my tangible print world too from writing a thank you card to spending hours choosing nice greeting cards for friends and family.  I'm known amongst my close set for buying the perfect card months before the event!

Papier currently specialise in correspondence stationery (cards, invitations, wedding stationery) and collaborate with designers including Peggy & Kate and Matthew Williamson.  They also offer a carefully curated selection of notebooks for him, for her and for children, all of which can be personalised. I first bought a card from Papier for a friend from work's wedding day around 2 years ago.  The card was of a couple and I customised it to look like Lynn and Rich.  The quality was super lovely and I was delighted with it.  I've since bought a few other ones and am never disappointed.  I’m excited to see how this brand develops over time.  In the meantime I’m enjoying the gorgeous box they designed for Birchbox this month…

My February 2017 box…

The products I received this month were:

  1. Spectrum Collections Marbleous C06 Tulip Eye Contour Brush.  RRP £5.99 (Full Size)

  2. Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Trio in Champagne Mocha.  RRP £15.50 (for 10 shades).  Sample 3 shades received.

  3. Beaver Professional Hydro Nutritive Repairing Conditioner.  RRP £12.00(for 210ml). Sample 40ml received.

  4. Marcelle Gentle Make-up Remover.  RRP £14.50 (150ml).  Sample 50ml received.

  5. Keeome Hydration Mask Therapy.  RRP £29.00 (for 6 masks).  Sample one mask received.

I loved…

Spectrum Collections Marbelous C06 Tulip Eye Contour Brush.

I adore this and can’t believe what a good price it is. I’ll certainly be checking out the rest of Spectrum’s range in the Birchbox shop.  This brush is so full and fluffy that the blending ability you receive is just perfect.  The tip is pointed just enough to help define if you’re contouring a smoky eye too,  For a brush of such good value it has amazing hair retention (none have fallen out), is so so soft and washes like a dream.  Amazing. This is why I love Birchbox, I never would have found this otherwise.

Keeome Hydration Mask Therapy.

I’m a huge fan of sheet masks thanks to Estee Lalonde’s recommendations (link to her site at the bottom of this post) when it comes to skincare. I’ve tried a number of brands and have some I love and some not so much.  This goes into the love category….but only just.  I liked the fact that it was easy to unwrap (some are a tangled mess) and applying it wasn’t too tricky but I didn’t like how uncomfortable it was.  It slipped a lot and the mouth area was really small compared to others I’ve tried.  However….the pay off will make me forget all of that.  I decided to use it when I was in the bath to minimise it moving and slipping off my face.  When I took it off 25 minutes later my skin looked instantly revitalised.  The following morning it looked even better and makeup applies like a dream.  I’ll definitely be making these part of my weekly skincare routine.

I liked….

Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life.


Now this one is tricky.  I found the pigmentation really good and the texture of these shadows is pretty dreamy and they blend well.  However, the colours were a little too pink for my skin tone and rather shiny, I’m more of a matte girl who wears warmer colours.  Also, the packing isn’t nice and feels really cheap.  There are cheaper palettes out there with more luxurious packaging.  Nice product but needs work…

I wasn’t convinced

Beaver Professional Hydro Nutritive Repairing Conditioner.


When I saw this was in my box I was really happy.  I bleach my hair which means it can get dry.  I love Davines prodcuts and also use Opaplex every 10 days so I have it under control but I love trying new prodcuts.  This product says claims to repair and I’m not sure.  My hair didn’t feel as soft when wet and when I brushed through it was really tangled.  I added a bit more than the mid-lengths of my hair the next day to see if that helped.  It just felt more weighed down yet not more moisturised.  Not impressed I’m afraid.

Marcelle Gentle Make-Up Remover.

I’m sure I'm not alone in my hunt for a great eye makeup remover.  I wear liquid liner and a couple coats of mascara most days so need something that removes all that without hurting my eyes.  This one isn’t great. I’m not one to give up on product easily but even with holding a soaked pad on my eye for 10 seconds I still found I needed to rub my eye to remove the product.  Even when I thought it was all gone, there was more coming off in the shower the next morning.  Not great.  It’s worth pointing out that my makeup isn’t waterproof or long wearing so shouldn’t require huge amounts of work but this product merely scratched the surface.

In conclusion…

It's important to point out that, in my opinion, not loving everything is not a fail, it’s actually a win!  The genius of Birchbox is that you can literally try before you buy.  When I shop on their site I know I’m going to love what I purchase, plus I’ve found some (potentially) new and exclusive products.

Next month they are including Benefit’s “They’re Real!  Double The Lip” which I was SO excited to try.  They emailed last week to ask me to chose my colour which is pretty cool so that’s be interesting. I hope you found this post useful.  Feel free to comment below or contact me directly if you have any thoughts you’d like to share.

Thanks for reading and have lovely weekends!  

Kirsty x

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