My Beauty Gurus

Who Inspires Me... 


I wanted to share with you where I get my beauty info and inspo.  There's lots of trial and error and I think a good blogger should be naturally curious and have a good editing eye.  I spend a lot of time reading other blogs and watching YouTube channels.  The five women mentioned here are truly my beauty gurus - some of them are professional make up artists and others are great bloggers that have been doing this for years and have therefore amassed great knowledge.  All of them I trust and none of them have ever let me down on their recommendations.  I've linked all their websites within the text and Youtube channels to their images so you can enjoy their recommendations and tutorials too.  



I first discovered Pixiwoo about 3 years ago when I was looking on YouTube for a tutorial to help me perfect my winged eyeliner.  I found a video of a Taylor Swift Makeup Tutorial and literally sat and watched the video then got my products together and did my makeup whilst watching it again and again until I got the look right.  From then I was hooked.  Pixiwoo is made up of sisters, Nic and Sam Chapman and their channel is heaven for anyone wanting some great makeup tutorials.  They have created a load of playlists with celebrity-inspired looks, basic techniques, trend ideas and product reviews.  What I like best is their techniques are really easy to follow and they are just down to earth, lovely girls.  They are also the brains behind the Real Techniques brush and tools collection.  I check in to their blog when I've seen something on their YouTube and need bit more information - you can check it out here.


Jaclyn Hill

Jacylyn Hill is a YouTube personality and professional makeup artist from Florida.  I discovered her about a year ago when I heard Lily Pebbles talking about her in a video about her favourite bloggers.  Jaclyn is definitely a marmite personality but I love her.  Not only does she give amazing recommendations on products (I tend to feel if she's rating it then it's going to deliver) but she's a true artist and creates great looks which I really love to watch.  She does wear quite a full face which isn't really my taste but I enjoy her personality and feel I can take away titbits of what would work for me.  She's my total 'go-to' for when I know I'm heading to the States and I'm in the market for some new Sephora recommendations.  You'll either love or not love her but I know more people in the former camp than the latter...


Lisa Eldridge

I just adore Lisa Eldridge.  Lisa is an internationally renowned makeup artist on the top of the lists of many A-list celebrities, top photographers and luxury fashion brands.  She is known for her signature flawlessly pretty looks and lovely, warm personality.  She is the global creative director of Lancome and in 2015 released her first book, Face Paint: The Story of Makeup.  Both her website and her YouTube channel are great sources of  information for techniques and product recommendations as well as being simply lovely to read and watch.  


Estee Lalonde

Estee has been blogging since she moved to the UK six years ago and in that time she's become a bit of an oracle on beauty, particularly skincare.  If I need to change up one of my products, am on the hunt for the best eye cream or want to overhaul my whole routine, Estee's blog is always my first port of call.  I find myself watching her YouTube videos with my Evernote poised, ready to note down her recommendations.  She's also completely lovely and entertaining to watch and her blog is just....beautiful!


Fleur de Force

Fleur is one of my most favourite bloggers and vloggers because she's one of those girls that's a general good allrounder.  She's very much a beauty expert and I pay close attention to products she likes and doesn't rate as I've never found myself ever disagreeing with her.  She knows her shiz.  I really like the fact that she talks really openly when she doesn't like products as well - in today's polished world I struggle believing bloggers when all they do is say everything is great all the time - Fleur keeps it real.  She's a huge sheet mask fan and as obsessed with long, lush lashes as I am.  I also like the fact that she seems to have equal love for both high end and drugstore products.  Fun Fact - she's just launched her own lipstick with Mac.....she really must know what she's talking about!