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My Spring/Summer (Affordable) Face


May is my month for a new look makeup bag ready for the Summer.  Just as I update my wardrobe, I also update my beauty routines.   I do this for two reasons; first of all, my skin really changes as the weather warms up.  It goes from being quite dry and very sensitive to becoming more combination, oily across my t-zone and a little more prone to redness.  I also become more concerned with SPF and pollution protection.  Secondly, I find my day to night looks are more varied come the Summer.  In the winter, my daytime makeup and evening makeup is quite similar, just a little more smokiness around my eyes and maybe a darker lip.  In the summer I love to look fresh and bronzed and quite natural in the daytime then for events, I play with makeup to work with my outfits and become a lot more experimental.  This means more palettes so I can really play with lip and eye looks.  This is all great fun but comes at a great price too so this year I decided to really research more affordable brands of make up.  I've been a long time fan of luxury brands and always will be but have found a couple of cheaper products that have become permanent residents in my makeup collection such as the Maybelline Eraser Eye.  Reading other people's blogs (particularly my gurus) inspired me to head to Superdrug, Kiko and Boots and spend some time trying out a great range of affordable products.  I've been very pleasantly surprised and my new daily makeup is exclusively affordable.  I've even found some alternatives that are extremely close to more expensive favourites that I'm pretty sure will remain over their more pricey counterparts.

All the products have had plenty of use and I've only included things I'm genuinely using every day.  I hope you enjoy this post and if so then be sure to check back this week for more info on affordable makeup...For now, let's get down to the products - my 12 piece essential collection.  The brushes shown are either Real Techniques or Sigma and the Eyelash Curlers are my only little luxury product - my forever favourites from Surratt.


Base Products

Garnier Skin Active BB Cream Combination to Oily in Medium

I found this product after reading Estee Lalonde's recommendation and I love it - it's a great base products for Summer.  It blurs out pores and imperfections, evens out skin tone, limits shine whilst promoting a gentle glow as well as giving skin moisture and SPF 20 protection. My skin is in better condition and in a nice, calm state.

Available from Boots £6.66

E.L.F Perfect Finish HD Powder

I've never used a fully translucent powder and tend to prefer ones with a little foundation in them for extra coverage but I was intrigued by this product's claims and had to give it a bash....I didn't think I'd love it so much.  It's a great product for setting foundation and  concealers but it's got this great ability to blur over skin just like an Instagram filter would...yet it doesn't feel heavy.  Genius product and I love it!

Available from Superdrug £7.50

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer Neutaliser

This product is genius and there's good reason why it's loved by so many bloggers and beauty professionals.  The formula is very light and creamy so it doesn't drag or sit in any wrinkles.  The coverage is fantastic without looking too fake.  It's got a lovely brightening effect plus it's amazing at reducing puffiness which I really suffer from at this time of  year thanks to hay fever.

Available from Superdrug £8.99

Summer 2.0 Baked Brozer by Kiko

I'm not really a big bronzer fan and to be honest, I'm not quite sure what to do with it. I've used Benefit's Hula Bronzer for years to give me a little glow and gently contour but that's it.  It's just not something I got excited about.....until  I found  this.  This bronzer has loads of different tones and colour running through it and with a gentle sweep of a big brush delivers a glow and a genuine sun kiss.  The packaging is pretty too!  

Available from Kiko Stores £22.90


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 2

I didn't think anything could be even nearly as good as my Nars Creamy Concealer but this might just mange it.  The formula is lovely and light yet the coverage is fantastic.  It's great at covering blemishes and scaring as well as spots of hyper pigmentation.  I use a Real Techniques Concealer Brush to blend it gently and it works wonders.  I think I might be converted...

Available from Superdrug £3.99

Two-Tone Baked Blush by Kiko

From the same range as the bronzer, I found this blush and was as excited if not a little more.  I'm a long time fan of Hourglass' Ambient Lighting Blush due to it's lovely sheen and strong pigmentation.  I have to say if I were to close my eyes and apply this and the Hourglass one I'd struggle to tell them apart and this is almost half the price.  The colour pay off is lovely and gives a natural rosy glow to the cheeks without being heavy.

Available from Kiko Stores £16.90


Eye Products 

E.L.F Nude Eyeshadow Palette Rose Gold

I'd been looking for a new palette for summer for a while and loved this one.  I quite like a gentle shimmer in an eye colour and this palette has that plus some nice matte options.  The colour range is really pretty and easy to achieve a number of different looks from.

Available from Superdrug £12.50

Maybelline Master Drama Nudes Eye Pencil in Brownie Glitz

Having fallen in and out of love with my cat flick liquid liner I was in the market for a new eye look.  I came across this in Boots a few weeks ago and found it to be the perfect dupe for a Charlotte Tilbury product I had my eye on.  The formula is really nice and creamy so it applies with ease and the bronze tone is really flattering against green and blue eyes.  I like to run this along my lash line for a gentle metallic look. 

Available from Boots £4.99

Rimmel Brow This Way Fibre Pencil

My brows are not my best feature and suffering a little from too much plucking years ago.  They are starting to grow but in areas of sparseness this is a nice product.  The fibre technology adds the appearance of hairs for a natural look. 

Available from Superdrug £4.99

L'oreal Paris Miss Baby Roll Mascara in Black

I'm a bold lash girl and love a mascara that can give me long, volumised lashes with a nice sheen to them without clumping.  I bought this mascara about a month ago and loved it straight away as it does exactly what I want.   I was getting quite excited about the prospect of ditching my £30+ designer mascaras but after a month the formula is drying up and clumping quite badly.  It's been fun but I don't see this relationship lasting past my second tube.

Available from Boots £7.99


Lip Products

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lipstick in 55 My Nude

Nude lipsticks are a big thing just now but they just do not cut it for me in the Winter, i'm too pale.  So come the summer months and a little bit of bronzing they work perfectly for a pulled together day look.  I loved this one from Rimmel's Kate anniversary collection.  It's lovely and satiny and the colour is just right.

Available from Superdrug £6.49


Lucas' Papaw Ointment 25g

I'm a big fan of lip balms and come spring/summer this is my fave -  probably for sentimental reasons as it reminds me a great trip visiting my best friend in Ausgtralia.  I bought about a million tubes when I was out there so I'm pretty good for a while but I've tracked odown a very good UK source which is selling the 25g tubes for £4.99 plus other versions.  This is one of those multitaskers that you very quickly become attached to!

Available from Pawpaw Shop £4.99