My Fashion Icons

Fashion Icons

My earliest fashion icon I can remember is Princess Diana; I loved going through my mum's magazines looking at how she dressed, especially for special events.  She was so elegant.  Last Summer, Mum and I attended the "Fashion Rules Restyled" exhibition at Kensington Palace which was a curation of dresses from HM The Queen, Princess Margaret and Diana, Princess of Wales.  We both found it quite emotional, nostalgic and completely fascinating.  Beautiful pieces from Normal Hartnell, Bruce Oldfield, Christian Dior and Catherine Walker brought us both back to the events we'd seen them wearing them at and the Vogue covers they had worn them on.  I've put my photographs from that exhibition for you to flick through in the gallery below.


This exhibition made me realise how important fashion icons have been through my life - not just as inspiration for my own looks but as a way to appreciate the art of fashion.   In  today's final blog post in my Fashion Scout series and to end Every Day in May's fashion week, I've decided to showcase my three most prominent icons; Edie Sedgewick, Jane Birkin, Olivia Palmero and Carrie Bradshaw.  I hope you enjoy.....


Edie Sedgewick - The 60s It Girl


Muse to Artist and filmmaker andy warhol, edie is the ultimate 60s poster girl.  I love her huge CHANDELIER earrings, breton tops with mini skirts and shift dresses but it was her carefree attitude to fashion that inspired me most.


Jane Birkin - effortless style

actress and singer jane birkin has an incredibly casual and easy approach to fashion, which is what made her so inspirational to so many people.  few could make denim work so beautifully for any occassion, the 'original rock chic' is always a go to when I'm feeling in a style rut and need to freshen things up.



american socialite and editor, Olivia Palmero is polished, put together and pretty blooming perfect.  She's girly without being silly, knows how to apply a feminine level of  chic to strong tailoring and her finish of accessories is always captivating.


Carrie Bradshaw, Sex & The City

Most women that were fans of the US hit show, "Sex & The City" would have had a 'Carrie moment' at some point during the show's six seasons and two films.  What I love is how daring she is, how she's not afraid of making the odd style mistake and how she is an artist when it comes to mixing it up.  I'll always love her Paris wardrobe in particular, here's my most favourite Carrie moments...