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The Perfect Jeans

One of the most common things I'm asked about is where to go for the perfect pair of jeans.  Those of you that are regular readers will know that I'm a big fan of Topshop's offer (see blog post here) but I often reply with "depends what you are looking for and on your shape"  to which I get a huge sigh!  But it's true - there's millions of jeans out there and you can buy great basics at Primark for £12 or get on the Ventements bandwagon and splash out over £1000.  There's classic jeans and trend jeans.....there's 100 shades of denim plus black, white, pastel, metallic and coated.....there's flared, boyfriend, mom and skinny.....the options are endless.  What I've put together for you is my edit of the pick of the market based on fit and style plus included a bonus shopping guide to help you when you take the plunge and head to the stores!  


The Original: Levi 501s

Levi 501s were the first blue jeans ever made (first manufactured in 1873) and their longevity is due to their simplistic perfection; tapered ankle, straight fit from thigh to mid leg, button fly, low rise and updated with an easy to wear stretch denim.  The updated CT Boyfriend Fit is relaxed and suits most body types.

 501® Ct Jeans For Women by Levis £80.00 ( Click to Buy )

501® Ct Jeans For Women by Levis £80.00 (Click to Buy)


The Flattering Flare: M.i.H Marrakesh

Those in the know will have a pair of M.i.H (formally known as 'Made in Heaven') Marrakesh flares in their wardrobe.  These jeans are quite simply magical and the total go to when you need a flattering, slimming, comfortable pair or jeans that will work dressed down with a breton or for an evening out with a blazer and heels.

 MiH Marrakesh Kick Flare High-rise Jeans £220.00 ( Click to Buy )

MiH Marrakesh Kick Flare High-rise Jeans £220.00 (Click to Buy)


The Best White Jeans

White jeans or 'Hurleys' as the boys at Lyle & Scott called them (which alway made me giggle) are the ultimate summer wardrobe staples but not always the easiest to wear, especially for us pear shaped ladies.  These 'slim illusion' by 7 for All Mankind are quite simply genius.  I've yet to see someone not look good in them.  Pricey?  Yes but they are forever classics and they'll make you feel incredible.

 Seven for All Mankind Skinny Slim Illusion in White £180.00 ( Click to Buy )

Seven for All Mankind Skinny Slim Illusion in White £180.00 (Click to Buy)


My Fave Black Jeans

Black jeans are the cornerstone of any wardrobe.  They look great with a tee, converse and leather jacket and equally as good dressed up with a silk cami, jacket and stacked heels.  My favourite are the Topshop Jonis which are super high waisted and super skinny.  They are very flattering and comfortable - my ultimate test is whether I can go out for pizza and wine without undoing the top button and in these I can!  The regular ones are £36.00 but I recommend spending another £9.00 and going for the Holding Power ones for an incredible, sculpting sillohuette.

 Topshop MOTO Holding Power Joni Jeans in Black £45.00 ( click to buy )

Topshop MOTO Holding Power Joni Jeans in Black £45.00 (click to buy)

Everyday Skinny Options

A good skinny jean is a good essential for everyone.  I've had loads over the years but there's two that I will always re-buy and have in my wardrobe.  Both are great as they always flatter, wash brilliantly and retain their quality and shape for many wears.  The first pair is my indulgent purchase; a pair of Paige Hoxton Skinny Jeans.  I love these and tend to keep these to wear for smarter occasions.  The second pair is the Topshop Jamie jeans.  These are my everyday throw-on options and most of my friends have at least one pair, if not several!

 Paige Hoxton High Rise Skinny Jeans £226 ( Click to Buy )

Paige Hoxton High Rise Skinny Jeans £226 (Click to Buy)

 Topshop MOTO Rich Indigo Jamie Jeans £40.00 ( click to bu y)

Topshop MOTO Rich Indigo Jamie Jeans £40.00 (click to buy)


When You Want a Trend Pair

Every season there's new trends when it comes to denim.  For SS17 it's all about stepped hems, tassels, embroidery, distressing and colour.  Topshop, River Island and ASOS all have great selections depending on which trend you're wanting to buy into.  For me, I still want to keep relatively classic and suitable for my own style so I've chosen the Maje Perry Straight-Cut Faded Denim Jeans.  Gently ticking the distressed denim trend yet super flattering with the panelled details and cropped length, these are just perfect for the summer.

 Maje Perry Straight-cut Faded Denim Jeans £185 ( click to buy )

Maje Perry Straight-cut Faded Denim Jeans £185 (click to buy)


My Shopping Tips

Shopping for jeans is pretty high up there in terms of shopping stress, beaten only by (perhaps) swimwear!  To make this an easier and even enjoyable experience, here's my top tips...

  1. Have a think about the types of jeans you'd like to try and how you would style them to suit your look.  I use Pinterest to put together looks and ideas so I have a bit of a reference point when shopping.  You can check out my Pinterest boards here...

  2. Be prepared - have well-fitting seamless underwear on plus whatever you'd normally wear with jeans.  For me this would be a breton, trainers and a leather jacket.  It's good to try on with these things so you can visualise the jeans working with your style properly.

  3. Pull together a big selection of styles and fits and try them all on.  If you're in the fitting room you may as well just go for it!

  4. Try new shapes and trends.  Don't feel that you have to go back to the same style you've been wearing, it's good to mix it up a bit.  Perhaps you've seen something in this post that's inspired you?

  5. Take your time trying on and don't buy them unless you feel really happy.  Make sure you look at them from the back and sides too and try sitting down in them to make sure they are comfortable.

  6. Don't obsess over the size, if it fits then it'll look better than trying to squeeze in to the size you feel you should be.  No-one can see your label!

  7. Take care of them!  Regardless of price it's good to take care of your jeans.  Wash them as seldom as you can and when you do wash them, turn them inside out, don't use fabric softener and wash them at a max of 30 degrees.  I tend to do  cold hand wash.