Spring Capsule Wardrobe Update

The Joys of Spring...

Spring is by far my favourite time of the year.  Not only do I love seeing all the daffodils and tulips as well as Mini Eggs reappearing in the supermarket, I also feel it's a great opportunity for a fresh beginning.  I'm a big fan of the spring clean and I always start this off with going through my wardrobe.  Here's my guide on what I do, key essentials for the new season and also a peak into what I've got on my wish list as I start to build up my new looks.


The Process

I tend to try and put aside a few hours for the process from start to finish, put on some music and really enjoy a few indulgent hours.  I'll start by going through the coat rack in the hall, then my chest of drawers and finally my wardrobe.  I like to take everything out and give the units a big clean and refresh before going through each piece individually to decide what to keep out and what to put into storage.  I then bring out all my spring and summer pieces, chosing what I want to add back into my wardrobe.  Finally, I review my collections and make a list of key pieces I want to add to create different outfits options and inject some of the season's key trends.


Step 1 - Storing the Winter Items

This is where you need good discretion and a solid understanding of what you'll be wanting to wear over the next few months.  I do my summer wardrobe in June so the edit now is a true spring wardrobe which mainly consists of transitional pieces i.e. nothing too warm and wintery and also nothing too light and summery.  I focus on lots of layering pieces and inject some bright colours and trend pieces.

From my current wardrobe, I took out the following items:

  • Heavy winter coats.  I have a dressy coat and a day coat, both of which are pretty warm and very much winter pieces.
  • Fur jacket and gilet.  I adore both of these.  The jacket was my mum's and the gilet was a gift from a friend.  Both are vintage and so super cosy and feel lovely and luxurious.  They are the best on cold winter days but I'm already finding them too warm to wear.
  • Cosy knit.  I tend to keep most of my knitwear as we move into spring apart from the really thick pieces.  The camel & Other Stories one is great but again, too warm for the weather coming up.
  • Flannel and wool nightwear.  In the colder winter nights these are fabulous, I even wear them as loungewear.  However, we are blessed with quite a warm flat so I've not worn these much since early February.  
  • Accessories and Boots.  Once again, it's the true winter pieces I edit here.  Over the knee boots, some sheepskin boots and cosy hats, gloves and scarves.  I've kept out one pair of ankle boots that I'll wear through to the really hot summer plus some lighter scarves for layering.

Before I pack these away  I tend to give them a wash & iron or a dry clean so they are nice and fresh for storing.  For storing I'd highly recommend using vacuum pack bags.  I use the Lakeland ones which are super easy to use and I find the items are lovely and fresh when  you come and unpack them later and require only a quick press or iron.


Step 2 - Bringing Out My Favourite Spring Pieces

This is probably my favourite bit!  I stored all my spring and summer clothes in November after our holiday to Mexico so it was pretty exciting to pull them all back out again and chose what I want to reintroduce into my wardrobe.  I was moving house when I packed so the four outerwear pieces I am bringing back out have had to go to the dry cleaners as I didn't have a chance to get them done at the time.  However, they include a cropped Burberry trench, a J Crew lime peacoat, a Maje full length cardigan and a short sleeved duster coat from Zara.  I've had all of these since last year but I've found similar items that I've linked below...

I also pulled three of my favourite jackets.  I feel in spring, the jacket is more of an indoors piece which is why the cardigan and duster coat mentioned previously are great for throwing over the top if you need that extra layer.  I reintroduced my favourite J Crew bleached-out denim jacket, a tribal embroidered jacket from Top Shop and a Maje cape. I've put links to similar products below.  The denim jacket is a great piece and I tend to wear it to tone down dressier looks, particularly over dresses or with smart trousers and a knit.  The tribal jacket gives a great lift to an all black ensemble and finally the cape jacket adds a real statement for evenings out or smarter meetings.

Finally I chose to take out a white short sleeved Topshop blouse, white Jamie jeans also from Topshop and a pair of cropped jeans by J Brand. All three pieces feel so distinctly spring!  The white blouse feels really fresh teamed with the cropped jeans.  White jeans may be a little controversial for this early time of year but they look fantastic mixed with a camel knit (I love these ones from Uniqlo) and either ankle boats or a loafer. 


Let's Go Shopping

I've gone through my wardrobe, my diary and the key trends I'd like to introduce and decided what I'd like to buy to make key outfits for the new season.  Here' my list and key picks and as usual you can just click on the image to go to the vendor's site.


1 Work out Wear

I said in the beginning of this post that I like to see Spring as an opportunity for a fresh start.  I've recently joined Kula Wellbeing in Clapham Junction and I'm loving it!  They have a huge range of yoga from Bikram to Vinyasa and Yin as well as massage and nutrition therapists.   A new studio means new workout wear.  I'm a huge fan of both Lululemon and Sweaty Betty.   I  have tried ranges from more inexpensive brands but find they don't sweat wick or wash even nearly as well.  For Bikram it's leggings and a sports bra (it's too hot for much clothing).  I discovered this amazing brand called Hey Holla at Stylist Live back in October and enjoy their sweatshirts and tanks for pre and post workout.   One to check out for sure!

Lululemon Selection

Sweaty Betty Selection

Hey Holla Selection


2 Basics Refresh

The next thing I've done is go through my basics collections and refreshed what I'm lacking.  This season it's another ultra fine merino knit from Uniqlo but in camel, a new white tee, a pair of classic loafers (I live in loafers) and a pair of fresh white converse.


3 Trend Update

Finally, following my trend report last Friday, I've pulled together some pieces from the trends I'd like to tap into this season...